SEACOR Subsidiaries Era Helicopters and SEACOR Environmental Services Conduct Joint SAR and Emergency Medical Services Demonstration

Seacor Holdings Press Release Nov 16 2009

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - November 16, 2009) - SEACOR Holdings Inc. (SEACOR) (NYSE: CKH) announced today that it conducted a joint Search and Rescue (SAR) and Emergency Medical Services demonstration on October 28 in Sabine Pass, Texas. The demonstration of SEACOR's joint services capabilities stems from a teaming arrangement between Era Helicopters LLC (Era), a SEACOR subsidiary, and Priority 1 Air Rescue (P1AR). Era and P1AR are now offering FAA-approved full-service SAR and Emergency Medical Services capability and turnkey solutions to offshore Oil & Gas companies in the Gulf of Mexico and abroad.

The P1AR crews including hoist operators, rescue swimmers and flight paramedics supplement Era's pilots and state-of-the-art AW-139 and EC-225 helicopters dedicated to the program. These aircraft types have flight performance capabilities to execute deepwater maritime SAR and Emergency Medical Services operations at distances up to 250 nautical miles offshore.

This event demonstrated SEACOR's SAR capabilities, including the Company's ability to rapidly deploy its flexible marine and aviation assets and highly trained personnel in response to situations that may necessitate an emergency medical rescue, hurricane evacuation, oil spill response or a combination of emergency response operations.

"SEACOR has the ability to offer its customers unique capabilities to facilitate emergency medical and environmental response efforts through its diverse and flexible aviation and marine assets. In addition, the Company provides a broad scope of knowledge and expertise in operational preparedness and safety training," said John Allen, Senior Vice President, SEACOR Environmental Services.

Participating SEACOR business segments were represented by Era Helicopters, SEACOR Environmental Services International, National Response Corporation and SEACOR Marine. The demonstration included two scenarios; a Search and Rescue and an Emergency Medical Rescue, both of which utilized SEACOR aviation and marine assets.

The event was well-attended by representatives of offshore Oil & Gas companies and the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Houston - Galveston and Air Station personnel who closely observed the demonstration from the deck of SEACOR Quest, a 160-ft Mini-supply vessel. Jim Shugart, Executive Vice President, Marketing for Era said, "We greatly appreciate the level of interest in the demonstration expressed by our customers, which represents a global interest in SEACOR's comprehensive aerial, marine and environmental response services. Customers were able to witness firsthand that with a single phone call, SEACOR's assets and highly trained professionals can be utilized to respond to any scenario."

SEACOR's SAR and Emergency Medical Services include:

-- SAR emergency response preparedness and management, including SAR plan
 development, training and exercise support provided by O'Brien's Response
 Management, another SEACOR Environmental subsidiary;
-- Aerial SAR operations and preparedness, and helicopter/rescue team
 operational training by Era Helicopters and Priority 1 Air Rescue; and
-- Vessel SAR operations and training by National Response Corporation,
 SEACOR Environmental Services International and SEACOR Marine.

Priority 1 Air Rescue, commonly referred to as the "One Stop SAR Shop" is solely focused on Helicopter SAR and is a proven industry-leader providing FAA approved Helicopter Rescue Training, Helicopter Search and Rescue products, and total SAR program support services. Its Class D Human External Cargo Hoist Rescue Training has been provided to more than 900 SAR Pilots, Rescue Technicians and SAR Aircrew worldwide in all environments from the South America jungles to the Middle Eastern deserts, atop the Canadian mountains, over the Pacific Ocean and to the extreme frigid Alaskan Interior.

SEACOR Holdings is a global provider of equipment and services primarily supporting the offshore oil and gas and marine transportation industries. SEACOR offers customers a diversified suite of services including offshore marine, marine transportation, inland river, aviation, environmental, commodity trading and offshore and harbor towing. SEACOR is focused on providing highly responsive local service combined with the highest safety standards, innovative technology, modern, efficient equipment and dedicated, professional employees.

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Date released: Nov 16 2009